Five Words Not To Say In Your Interview

Use your words wisely in an interview, they may just determine your future at that company. It may not be that detrimental, but Director at Hays, Jason Walker and Manager at Randstad Technologies, Ian Scott said those going for a new job should avoid the following words: Obviously We Workaholic Motivated by change Challenge Mr Scott said people should avoid using ‘generic

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You Must Be LinkedIn

People may say you’re out of loop if you don’t have a Facebook, therefore is it fair to say you’re out of the career loop without a Linkedin? The career networking site has been called your “resume that never sleeps”. The person to claim ownership of that proclamation is Director of Product Marketing at Foundation, Omar Garriott. Mr Garriott said in

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Volunteer to get ahead

You may know that volunteering has benefits for the organisation you’re supporting, but did you know it can also help you get ahead in a career? says putting your green thumb to work for a local not-for-profit can make you stand out among other candidates vying for the same position. According to Seek, volunteering is advantageous in three ways: Employers view volunteering as being as credible

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